At Cowboy Kurt, we cultivate the quality approach in order to fully satisfy your needs. Our suppliers are very carefully selected to meet your requirements. We make sure that the majority of our products are not outsourced, in order to reduce grey energy as much as possible and to guarantee the Made in USA label. We regularly communicate with our suppliers and do not go through any intermediary to offer you a tailor-made service. All our products are guaranteed for a minimum of one year, but rest assured, their lifespan is much longer thanks to our maintenance advice.

If a product is defective, don't worry, contact us or visit us at the store and hand in hand we will find the solution that suits you best. We are at your disposal to advise you with the product you have chosen. At Cowboy Kurt, we offer you a unique and personalized follow-up. Do not hesitate to contact us to take full advantage of our sound advice for the care of your product.

If your product needs touch-ups or repairs, don't worry, our shoemaker, tailor or jeweller will know how to fix it. In fact, we work together to achieve the level of quality that you are looking for and that will give you complete satisfaction. We are available for more information by phone at +41 (0)22 732 37 94 or by email at